What to do with your Old Tea

Tea is by far the most popular beverage in the UK. Whether you can’t resist an iced rooibos, love green tea lattes or can’t get through the day without at least three cups of builders tea, it is safe to say you will not find a home in the UK without at least the most basic tea supplies taking pride of place next to the kettle.


With so much tea being drunk, a lot of loose tea and tea bags end up on rubbish heaps in all corners of the world – and although they will biodegrade, there are an unlimited range of things you can do around your home to recycle your tea.

But what can you do with your old tea and tea bags?

  • Carpet cleaner: Use dried tea leaves to sprinkle on delicate carpets and rugs, before sweeping or vacuuming them up. The tea leaves will absorb excess moisture and neutralise bad smells.
  • A cold compress: Tired eyes, bruises and sunburn can all be relived with a cool and moist tea bag over the area.
  • A hot compress: Hot compresses work a lot better for fever blisters and warts. Place a warm and damp bag on the affected area and wait for the bag to draw out the infection.
  • Making flavoured rice: Adding a couple of tea bags to your rice can add another dimension to the flavour of your meal. Add jasmine tea bags to boiling rice, for authentic jasmine rice.
  • To paint: Brew old tea bags in different amounts of water to create a collection of different tea shaded paints. A child friendly, non-toxic product which is ideal for artificially aging history products or themed invitations.
  • To remove grease from dirty dishes: Soak your greasy dishes in warm water with old tea bags. The tea will break through thick grease levels – especially when left over night, making it easier to clean come the morning.
  • To infuse in the bath: Antioxidants can be absorbed through the skin, so taking a relaxing tea bath could help revitalise your body at the same time as helping you to relax.
  • As plant Feed: Open your old tea bags and empty the contents at the base of your plants so the acidic tannins found in tea can assist the growth of the plant – tea is particularly good for roses and ferns.
  • Natural hair cleaner: Using unsweetened brewed tea can work as a natural, leave in conditioner. Use in the shower or bath after your normal hair washing routine.
  • Polish wooden floors: Tea is great for polishing wood. The colours of the tea compliments the colours of the wood and helps to bring out a proper shine.
  • Odour eliminator: Leaving a cup of old tea bags in your bathroom, kitchen, fridge or even close to where you keep your cat litter could help to eliminate unwanted scents in the home.
  • Soak your feet: Add your old tea bags to a foot bath and let the antioxidants in tea relax you and soften dry skin and calluses.


With so many things that can be done with tea, it is a great idea to store old tea bags ready to use for natural alternatives around the home. To store your tea bags ready to use as and when needed, store used bags in a sealed container in the fridge.


Why You Need To Grind Your Own Meat to Get Creamy Bolognaise Sauce

Food is the best way to communicate between different people. With so many spices and different ways to use them, one can create dishes that can give you gastronomic experience. But, for all that you need perfect ingredients. Usually most the ingredients are easily available in the market which are not processed except Meat.


Past week, my eyes laid on Bolognaise Sauce recipe and instantly I wanted to try it. The most important ingredient you need to create a creamy bolognaise sauce is nicely ground beef. Just like you guys, I get my ground beef from the grocery store. The meat is usually from a good store but there is always a doubt about the authenticity of having a good meat.


There are many research done by private companies which shows how meat shop owners ground different types of meat together to overcome the demand. Also, they remove a good portion of meat and first grind the leftovers to get them sold fast. These kind of mal practice not only affects your dish but also the health of your family. Many cases have been reported where people get really sick by eating contaminated meat. There are even death cases of healthy person because of consuming stale meat food. You never want to do this to your family.

What to do now?

We cook food at lily bistro to make sure we eat healthy food every day. By getting grounded meat from outside, you keep your family’s health in jeopardy more than they can be at risk from eating food outside. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Quit eating any kind of meat? Wrong!!! Just because you don’t get good meat from outside it doesn’t mean you need to leave all those juicy meat dishes.


It’s about being smart and getting a good meat grinder for yourself. Today, many companies are manufacturing meat grinders which comes with different kind of steel blades to cut your meat in desired shape and size. We chose the LEM 575 Watt meat grinder because it is really a good fit for us as daily users, but you can find cheaper models out there, check out these electric meat grinder reviews, these are the best available in the market.

Check out this video on the topic of bolognese sauce  —

The grinder’s blades are made from steel so you get a sharp blade with longer life. The blades can be easily removed from the meat grinder which makes your whole meat grinding process clean. You can ground the beef as per desired quantity and texture. Make your own sausage, burger or cut meat into small pieces for a traditional meat dish without worrying about the food contamination.

For those who don’t eat meat much, these grinders are still very useful equipment in your kitchen. You can use them to chop your vegetables, ground your spices, and make paste of herbs. You just need to broaden your mind and the ideas will start popping on using your meat grinder. This is a must have equipment for your kitchen if you love eating a dish from grounded meat. Hope, with this article, you will get to know about the benefits of having a meat grinder so you can get one for yourself.